The Story of London

Md. Shafiqul Alam Bulbul

In childhood we read and knew many story about London. London is utopia to all. Today I am standing on that tower bridge. Standing on the bridge I talk with my father through mobile. My father is a man of travel. There is no attractive place any upzilla in Bangladesh where he not travel . My father dreams to visit country and aborad. So my father coves the story of travel . My father says “ you really talk with me standing on the bridge of London. As if my father does not believe it that his son really has reached by crossing seven sea and thirteen rives. I told him about the scenery of trams river and the parliament building of Brittan at night described about the river. Told him about Greenwich bell . The scenery of Trams river in night as a dream. The students of my class in Bogra Zilla School say to hear the story of London . So try to best to visit the city of London and other cities. Today I remember the old radio of my father. He heard the BBC London Bangla celebration. Some times it is not clear to hear but try to the best to hear the BBC London Bangla Program News. It was long ago but today the news of London come to us very easily. For knowing any news of country man listened to BBC news at a moment . I had written a letter to BBC when I was the students of class seven and one day my name was told with question advertising of my name by BBC I became very pleasure there was no language to publish for me. Today I am standing beside that BBC of London. Walking through the light of the road become very fine for me. Crossed the bridge by walk. I see many thing. Alford Primary school teacher Jackie Ross and Alford Academy teacher Ann Wilkinson went last by reaching us the airport of Scotland Aberdeen . I saw from long distance Jackie Ross felts into tear. By reaching Aberdeen airport at 5.30 am. We start for London. When I was going Dhaka to London then a man sits beside me where name is Mahmud . He is a good students .He knows my address and hearing that we are going to England from (Dhaka Bangladesh) British Council education program Connecting Classrooms project .So he describes many cities including London and he propose us to see many town. In his story I have Known that he is learning in London and came to home in order to see his family and village. We know many story about London from him. He says us about the general law. Actually the people of the united kingdom respect their . They do not leave any thing on the road, not to bond the belt sitting in the bus, they are standing in the line long time that they necessary. In the hotel of Scotland when I go to eat. I am standing on one hour for sitting on the site . The weather is not good a lot of snow is falling. The temperature in outside is -8d.c. As we are the people of hot country we felt disturb the cold weather but it is a simple matter to the people of London. Taking part the work of Scotland school after training we came to London for visiting. In London outside of the Heathrow airport in London snow are falling . As a lot of Cold I am wearing the cloth that I have for protecting from coldness. Staying in Scotland Jackie Ross taking me to the hall for touching the clouds. It is an another experience. Going to hall when I getting down then I saw my foot going into the ice one feet . Lot of coldness my condition become very nervous but I take my hand above and touch the cloud and the part of ice begin to fall in part by part. Thinking how the people here living in the coldness. The temperature in the room keep balance by hitter . In the room the simple clothes are enough to stay. But the matter of outside is separate . Farjhana Sharmin who works in Bogra education office her relative comes to receive us from Heathrow airport in London. Hearing it we become very pleasure in order to see everything in London completely by an experience man. we went with her house and take our lunch then got out in order to see the city of London. At first bus then the rail she shows us the city of London and other city. We have seen London Bridge, the office of London BBC, living building of queen, city of china, London Parliament etc standing on the London Bridge remember to the bridge of Karatoa of Bogra in Bangladesh. There are different between two bridges but the Karatoa Bridge contributes for the town of Bogra . Two bridges are protecting the connection to the town. Buying tickets we go out for all day long. By this ticket we communicate in Govt. bus and rail all day long. In turning the tickets into a machine then the bracket of train road open and we are permitted. Hearing many story about under ground rail but today travel in this train that got down under the land . There is afraid of my mind. Mr. Arif and Mr. Sajed told at the time of sitting it. It is correct to got down under the land. Mr. Zillur become very happy like me. Saying them to get down I start first. The train comes at the right time and start after five minutes. So that get up and get down quickly , getting up in the train very interesting not crowd . We are sitting in a train Compartment . Into it is darkness but when come to any town the light is shown outside . We are taken for seeing the London bridge. We reached there at 7 pm in evening . Reaching under the Greenwich Bell we hear the sound of the Greenwich Bell. Saw the ships that are sued for second world war. Keeping them into the trams river . We are returned after seeing the day and night city of London and begin to sleep. Next day just I am we are started for seeing . We are going to Mother Tooshu museum . Though there is a crowd we bought ticket and went to museum . At first saw the Scientist Hokinson . As those pictures are alive. I got a photo with them. The pictures are keeping same by the candle. It is very difficult to separate which is truth and which is false. There are the picture of Indian actress, Indira Gandhi, Gandhijur and the president of united state . Getting picture with USA President Barak Obama . I get picture with the picture of Netaji Gandhi, Indira Gandhi formal prime minister of India , Banzir Vottaha , formal prime minister of Pakistan , Hitlar, Charles Dayna, formal president of Irak Sadam Hossain then I go forward and saw a list is hanging in the history of England. We saw by getting a small tralar which can carry three man. For biding of getting picture I can not get picture here. We visit many town for seeing the scenery of village. We went to village of London. Where the field is green and the soil are mixed with stone. It is not good for crops. The soil of our country said to be golden because any kinds of crops can grow here. Ploughing is very easy. I decided to write about the farmer of Scotland. Uttora, Baridhara, Gulshan town in Bangladesh is not less of England and Scotland. Then we are taken to shop which is larger doll shop in the world. Here the cost is very high. Get out from the museum we saw a Richshaw small van was standing. I asked Richshaw driver which country does he belong to ?He said to me “ I’m Bangladeshi and comes from Sylhet” walk into the city of London. Going to a park we saw a large number of people . Some are standing and some are running. The police are guard them on the horse. We getting picture with them then went in order to see the house of queen. There are many people come from many country of the world in order to see the house of queen. We think and want to discuss with our companion and think that they ruled our country from here in a time. We saw the library of London. In the time of entering shopping mole we saw some beggar are begged by fluting . The difference between the beggar of our country and the beggar of London is that the beggar in London begged by working but the beggar of our country begged by a comfortable way. In front of the house of queen has a statue and under its water there are fallen coin into its water there are fallen coin into its water. Hear that if anyone fall coin into it and it brings a good luck to him. The Harry patter cinema are continued in the cinema hall of London. There are a lot of crowd and we can not see the cinema. Anyway it is comfortable for standing on the tower bridge of London in the night. Though we can not see all the things of London but we saw many things . In the afternoon we return home then we come to the Heathrow airport at just time 8.30 pm the Aero plane start for Bangladesh. The next day we reached Bangladesh and fall into cot of hot. Thank you British Council .Thank you Connecting Classrooms Project .

Md. Shafiqul Alam Bulbul
Bogra Zilla School

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