What are our schools teaching for the next  years?

The dangerous global warming is occurring now,    and it is our generation who will inherit the consequences. The effects of global warming are already visible in many areas of the world.For example, Chile is the sunniest country in the north zone  and  it is the coldest in the south, on earth, but the reality has changed in recent years. The MIDAS Project scientists report: An icy thread that measures only 12 miles (20 kilometers) long It’s all that is anchoring a massive Delaware-sized iceberg in West Antarctica. If the iceberg breaks – an event known as childbirth will produce – the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica will lose more than 10 percent of its area, equivalent to about 2,000 square miles (5,000 square kilometers), according With the MIDAS project, an Antarctic research project based in the United Kingdom.


Are we going to learn science and how to be leaders in it?

Education must produce a necessary change in how to live the next years with sustainable lifestyles and we have the capacity to transition to 100% clean and renewable energy in the next 10 years to have a country with sustainable development.

Right now: Are we putting these skills into practice in schools and universities? .

Step by step is a way to build a sustainable society, how to do it:

1.-Start it in each school to lead  in the classroom and create momentum for action How to teach new ways of life in your community.

2.-Have your school publicly commit to being part of new lifestyles respecting our environment and the planet .

3.-Tell the whole world how your school is leading the way, and how to make everyone change for this to happen.

We want future generations to have sustainable lifestyles fueled by 100% renewable energy  that  do not danger our country and our planet.

www.sccinternational.org -Chile.

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