Dear teachers of the Americas,

We would like to invite you all to participate in this forum, where we will learn about what Critical Thinking means, which knowledge dimensions it addresses and how we can develop it within the classroom. Ideas, pedagogical resources, bibliography, photos and videos related to Critical Thinking are welcome.

Taking into account the following questions and others that might arise, we hope you join us in the webinar series Critical Thinking: How to understand it, how to develop it? 

  1. What is Critical Thinking?
  2. What knowledge, skills and attitudes are needed to develop Critical Thinking?
  3. What does Critical Thinking address within the classoon?
  4. Is it necessary to develop Critical Thinking among students?

Come and share your opinions on the topic!


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Replies to This Discussion

Critical Thinking is compared to steps going uphill. In order to reach the summit you have to climb the steps.

Some steps may be in two dimensions while others may be three dimensional. How we use the strategies to help students can be determined by the student's own capacity to intake learning at that level.

The question is capacity to climb the steps. At certain points of the climb there will be platforms. So one can remain on that level or move on to another level of learning when capacity permits. 

As teachers we facilitate the development of skills at the platforms so that our students can reach the next platform for more skill development.


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