The End Result of Critical Thinking

I must say that I really appreciate being a part of the course on critical thinking. I have learnt a lot about critical thinking and methods that may be used to promote it in the classroom. There is no doubt that my learning objective and my teaching strategies have been improved.

As an educator and teacher of business subjects, I thoroughly believe that I contribute to the development of the ultimate product, the human mind. I believe that one of the roles of education is to successfully integrate individuals into society so that they can help to solve economic and social problems. When our students are able to think critically integration is made even more possible.

Promoting critical thinking in the classroom will ultimately lead to a better society. When students become critical thinkers they will benefit from the following:

  1. better understanding of their own thought process.
  2. transfering learned skills to new applications.
  3. developing skills in decision making and problem solving.
  4. making intelligent choices in human relationships.
  5. making skilled civic and personal choices.

Whether our students end up in the medicine, finance, engineering, culinary arts, performing arts or any other areas no doubt the ability to think critically would have been a great asset to them and in turn a great benefit to our national development.

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Thanks for posting Khamica. I totally agree with you. Being a Food  and Nutrition teacher presently and my recent acquiring of  a primary degree  to support my years of teaching in the Primary system. I do believe that  I too is helping to mould the minds of this present generation. Therefore with this present knowledge of critical thinking I will be able to bring out the investigator in them again,the decision makers ;making intelligent decision ,and the list goes on.

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