The  teachers  need  scholarships  of  development  professional  annually  . The  news  technologies   run  fastly  and   a support is  relevant .

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Thank you for this post.  I believe that you are absolutely right.  Scholarships and access to opportunities that support of the professional development of teachers is certainly needed.  As you mentioned, technological changes are quite speedy and annual opportunities can serve as a way to mitigate against lags.  This is certainly something that ITEN supports.  Let's continue to think and work towards options to make these opportunities a reality.  Send ideas that you may have in mind to begin with. 


Dr. Paula Lockhart (ITEN Team)

Lorena estoy totalmente de acuerdo, desgraciadamente en mi país México, muchas veces esto se hace de manera discrecional y no todos pueden acceder a las mismas, espero desarrollemos la cultura de la equidad porque hoy en día es muy importante para nuestra región crecer y ser autosuficiente. 

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