Hello Everyone,

My name is Joann Hardy, and I work in the office of PreK-12 Curriculum and Instruction for Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia.  My main role is to serve as a project liaison between FCPS and George Mason University, located in Fairfax, VA.  A researcher at GMU has been working with one of our elementary schools in a Global Classroom.  This Global Classroom has been such a success, we are looking to expand the idea to other schools.

Fairfax County Public Schools is a district with over 200 schools.  We are one of the largest districts in the United States.  We are located just outside of Washington, D.C. and our students are from all over the world. 

Our vision for global classrooms is to provide opportunities for students to collaborate with peers from around the world on authentic tasks and challenges through a variety of learning opportunities. We want our students to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviors to be able to engage in collective action towards issues on the local, national, and global level.  We also want tour students to learn skills such as being a critical and creative thinker, collaborator, communicator, global and ethical citizen and be goal-directed and resilient.  In FCPS these are our Portrait of a Graduate attributes.

Our goal is to provide students with opportunities to promote internationalization by connecting with students of other countries.  At the same time, we want teachers to transform their instructional practices to embed real-world learning opportunities and our Portrait of a Graduate attributes throughout their curriculum content.

We have identified 5 areas for authentic global learning for students:

  • Language Acquisition
  • Cultural Proficiency
  • Sustainability
  • Content Enrichment

We are currently looking for schools that would like to begin a partnership with one of our elementary, middle or high schools.  

I'm wondering if others are connecting globally to share authentic student learning experiences between your students?  I would be interested in hearing from anyone who is interested in this.

Thank you!

Joann Hardy

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